An accomplished Designer, Strategist, and Educator, Danny Shaw is a New York native dedicated to his craft and open to diverse opportunities around the world.

Inspired by his experiences, Shaw became the principal for a contemporary business and design strategy company aimed at creating compelling digital touchpoints for seamless user experiences. Overseeing cross-functional teams, he leads multimedia projects delivering compelling design solutions backed by cohesive strategies. Previous clients include ESSENCE, Fox, Walmart, BrandShare, White & Case LLP, and Tailored Ink.

Recently, he contributed his strategic insight to newspaper giant, The McClatchy Company, spearheading the relaunch of updated paywall systems and synced subscriber programs with Google and iTunes.

In previous roles such as the senior marketing manager for digital executions at Essence Communications, Danny oversaw the development of apps and websites, delivery of marketing campaigns, and production of live events. During the 20th Anniversary of the Essence Festival, he ensured an uninterrupted 24-hour delivery of live stream content to tens of thousands of viewers, boosting site engagement levels by 80%.

In addition to running his own design & business strategy company, 5 Line Designs, LLC Danny serves his community by providing free workshops focused on building and designing websites, starting businesses and supplying educational resources for mentor partnerships.

Recently, he served as a board member for e4e, a nonprofit organization advocating for educational reform, and took part in a summer coaching program, MAIP Mentor. Danny can also be found teaching as an adjunct professor at his alma mater, CUNY New York City of Technology, educating students on advertising design and communication principles.